As you start to prepare to go in for the interview, you should consider the things you should avoid doing in order to make a strong first impression to the employer.
Winging it- winging it is not an effective interview strategy, as you should prepare and do research on the company. You should take time to prepare common interview questions to make a good first impression.
Negative body language- Negative body language is one of interview mistakes you could be making. Silent signals such as a lack of eye contact, fidgeting, and slumping can accidentally make you come across as nervous.
Forgetting why you applied- it’s easy to forget about what roles and companies you applied to, so when an interview is given it’s important to re-familiarize yourself with these details to ensure you understand how you are qualified for the role and why you were interested in the first place.
Rehashing the skills on your CV- Candidates often miss out on opportunities as they don’t use their interview time wisely. Painting a picture with a story can help you avoid this job interview mistake. It gives the interviewer insight into your career and work ethic, provides you an opportunity to show confidence, communication skills, and creativity.