5 Signs you may need a new job!

One of the hardest questions to answer at a job interview is, ‘why are you looking for a new job?’ people nowadays are seeking for a new challenge or to put their excellent skills to better use. Could it be you? The signs may be there you just haven’t recognised them yet!

Here’s how to tell you may need a new job:

There’s no career progression- Most companies actively highlight their career progression schemes, using them to lure people to the selected career. Therefore. It can be heart-breaking when you’re rejected for a promotion. If this happens you are left in the dark about how and why? Was it due to gaps in your skills or knowledge? Ask for feedback and asses the comments given.

Your bored- If you’re bored at work, the day can drag, your motivation and productivity levels drop. It’s worth acting on this as there is so many varied vacancies out there for you!

You hate the alarm in the morning- Most of us dread the alarm going off but why? Is it purely because you want more hours in bed or its cold and dark outside. It could just be because you really don’t want to go into work, many people experience this feeling as they dread the thought of a phone call, meeting or task that day, then are fine the next. If this is a daily occurrence, then you need to do something about it.

Your ideas aren’t landing- It feels great when you share your ideas to someone and they love them, it makes you feel like you know what your doing and your contribution is valued. If your ideas aren’t hitting the mark it might be that the job isn’t quite right for you.

Your boss- Research found says that the biggest reason for moving on is to get away from the boss. Personality clashes do occur, but most people can overlook these and act professionally at work. Why put up with an uncomfortable environment, find a new job today.