Companies are looking for cyber security talents

Companies are looking for cyber security talents

Companies are looking for cyber security talents as the approach top email security and overall web security must evolve!

Businesses and organisations across the globe are falling victim to cyber crimes, every moment. Cyber security issues like cyber threats and attacks have become a curse the world over. 


Former US President, Barack Obama had once stated: “Cyber threats pose one of the gravest national security dangers that the United States faces… It’s clear that much more work needs to be done to enhance our cyber security.”  It is therefore not surprising that this has called for a major increase for cyber security experts.

For example: The mighty technology company  Accenture shared in 2017, there was a 27.4% net increase in the average annual number of security breaches and that from 2016 to 2017, cybersecurity costs went up by 22.7%. This further spells the gravity of the issue concerning the world.


In light of the unprecedented rise in the number of cyber crimes globally, the demand for cyber security professionals is increasing across all industries. Big corporations like SAP, Oracle, Google, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Symantec, Kaspersky, Bae Systems, FireEye, Lockheed Martin, and Check Point Software, are some of the largest recruiters of cybersecurityexperts.

Some of the renowned credentials include the CEH certification, CompTIA certifications, and advanced ones like the CISSP or CISM certification.

While the demand for cyber security professionals is quite high in most countries, there is a considerable difference in the level of demand, as per Indeed’s 2017 Cybersecurity Skills Gap report:


Since cyber threats and cyber crimes have become much more sophisticated and advanced now, companies have to take radical measures to both detect potential threats and prevent the same.

Today, companies cannot afford to have siloed IT and security teams. Both the units must be familiar with each other’s domains and should learn to function as a unified entity. Usually, IT professionals working on conventional applications may not be well-versed in cyber security/information security fundamentals, and it is time to change this.

Every professional in an enterprise must have a basic knowledge of security. This requires constant self-learning and upskilling on the part of employees. As for companies, they should invest in conducting workshops, training programs, and apprenticeships to help employee’s upskill.

On an individual level, both aspiring students and professionals can take up online training or certification courses in cyber security.

At ‘Get Staff’ technical division we do just that ‘connect’ and ‘find’ with the best the market has to offer in a secure way by only selecting’ key individuals that endorse their skill set to evolve with the growing demand for cyber security experts! To help businesses protect, prevent against the potential threats, that is an ongoing global concern! Such as Cyber Security Engineers; Soc Shift Leads; Cyber Security R&D Engineers; Security Engineer; Security Engineer; Security Architects; Security Administrators; Security Software Developers; Cryptographer/Cryptologists ; Cryptanalysts; Chief Information Security Officers; Security Consultant/Specialists; Intrusion Detection Specialists; Computer Security Incident; Responders; Source Code Auditor; Virus Technicians and  Penetration Testers- to name a few.

So please feel free to get in touch with Kate Fry ‘Head of Technology division’ here at ‘Get Staff’ to help facilitate your ever growing need for the right cyber security Key individuals to suit your business, the market has to offer with a specialist knowledge and understanding.

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