CV Presentation – The Dont’s



In addition to the Do’s of how to layout your CV, there are also some important Dont’s. Here are 4 things you should avoid when writing your CV and why…

Forget your cover letter

Although a cover letter is seen a completely separate matter, your Cover Letter should be attached to your CV and both are important in helping you find the right role. use yours properly, and your CV becomes the perfect document to represent you and your skills. Even if it isn’t specified that you should include a cover letter, include one anyway! And even if other applicants don’t do this, it will work in your favour because the last thing you want is for your cv to blend in.

Using Bright colors Fancy fonts

As I said, you don’t want your CV to blend in… but you also don’t want to stand out too much! Using lots of colours and fancy fonts on your CV will surely make you stand out, but not in a good way. A CV is a professional document so it needs to stay neat, tidy, and easy to read so avoid the fancy fonts and many colours.

Get carried away

The ideal CV should be a short and sweet explanation of your skills and experience, so try not to get carried away and end up writing lots of irrelevant detail. The perfect CV should be a clear representation of you, your skills, and your aspirations.

Be afraid of space

If you’re writing a CV but you don’t have a lot of past jobs or experience to write about, don’t worry! Everyone’s Cv gets more detailed over time so it is important to keep to what’s relevant and avoid irrelevant information just to make the CV look more full.