CV Presentation – The Do’s

Even the best CV in the world can be let down by bad presentation.

A CV has to be written well and presented well in order to catch an employers eye. Although your layout style may change depending on you and your style as a person or your industry, there are a few simple rules which you should always follow!

Sometimes Less is More

Your CV should cover all the relevant experience and skills needed for the position you’re applying of course, but it is also important to make sure that it is kept short and sweet and normally should not take up more than two sides of A4.

keep it professional

Although you want to make sure your CV looks well presented, it is important to remember that it is for professional purposes. So keep to a uniform font that is easy to read and quick to scan.

Use bullet points

Using bullet points and other presentation tools in moderation can make a huge difference to the readability of your cv. Bullet points can be perfect to use when it comes to expressing important information and helping it stand out.

Use chronological order

It is important to keep your current and previous jobs in a clear format so that a recruiter can clearly see what you did and when. Normally, it is good practice to keep your most current job at the top so when looking at your cv, it shows clearly what kind of industry and skill level you are at rather than having to read through multiple jobs to find out.