1. Prepare!

The impression you give on your first day can depend very much on how much preparation you’ve done similar to your job interview. So do your research! Ensure that you understand the job responsibilities (as far as you’ve been told), and also research the company again. It’s also a good idea to take some time off before starting your new job because you will benefit from some time to relax and prepare yourself fully for the next step in your career.

Make sure you bring everything the job asks for – this could be documents such as your passport, P45 and national insurance details. It’s also handy to bring a folder to keep paper you’re given, which might involve a contract. Finally, make sure you get a good night’s sleep – it’ll keep you awake and focused on what you need to do on your first day.

2. Tackle those nerves

Starting a new job can be exciting, but it can also be really nerve-wracking.  The key thing to remember on your first day is everyone has been there! Every single one of your new colleagues has been the new person at some point, and it doesn’t last forever. To avoid letting your nerves get the better of you, you should leave yourself plenty of time to prepare for your first day so that you arrive on time, presentable and with a huge smile on your face!

3. Be Proactive

Take notes! Adapting to a new workplace can be tricky especially when it comes to taking everything in, taking notes will ensure that you have something to refer back to if you forget rather than having to ask once, twice or three more times! However, asking questions isn’t a bad thing on your first day, make sure to ask about things you are unsure of so that you are able to learn and pick up the duties of your new role.

4. Don’t be scared to make mistakes!

Making mistakes is to be expected when you first start a new job, but it isn’t the mistake that matters… its how you learn from it! If you make a mistake don’t panic, just make sure you understand fully where you went wrong, and what you can do to avoid it next time. Making mistakes is part of learning and its what helps you gain knowledge and experience

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