In todays world video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment process. Employers and candidates can now conduct interviews regardless of their location, as long as the are connected to wi-fi. Video interviews allow employers to get an insight into the potential candidate’s personality and enthusiasm towards the role. A massive benefit of this way of interviewing, is that it can be recorded. As a result of this employers can revisit the interview, send it to colleagues and to make comparisons between potential candidates. Although you’re not meeting your potential employer face to face does not eliminate the need for preparation.

Here are some of the ways you can prepare:

Create a good interview environment– When selecting a good place for your interview, make sure it’s in a quiet, well-lit area that has a very strong internet connection. If your considering doing it at home, make sure that family members are well aware of your interview so there are no interruptions.

Dress the part– Although you are not meeting face to face does not mean that you can’t treat it like you were going to meet them. This is an opportunity to put on a professional outfit and ensure that your hairs neat and tidy.

Turn off your notifications– Turning all notifications off means you don’t hear notifications sounds and you won’t be distracted when they pop up on screen. Eye contact is very important in an interview, so ensuring all distractions are eliminated will help you show this at an interview.

Smile– While a video interview can make you feel more relaxed this should not mean you lose your professionalism. Make sure that you smile and let your enthusiasm and excitement for the role shine though.

Practice- Do research on the company you are looking to do an interview for, as well as common interview questions that are asked within the industry. It may help to do a practice video to make sure the area you have chosen is best, as this allows you to see yourself how you look and the sound so you can make any adjustment needed.