Tips for effective job hunting

There will be many times where you are searching for a new job in your life, it can be very intimidating process as you send out hundreds of job applications before you get the response you want.
Make the most of technology- Make sure your making the most out of technology when job seeking, there are plenty of job-hunting sites that can help you find that perfect job. Technology can also help you, as when looking for a job you can research the companies and roles you are applying for in order to make your CV and cover letter more effected and well suited to the job role.
Be ready for rejection- Rejection is never a nice feeling. When you’ve put all your time and effort into an application it can be defeating to get a negative response, especially when you thought you found the perfect position for you. Rejection is a key aspect of job-hunting, even candidates with all the qualifications will not get accepted on their first application. It is something that you need to accept. Make sure your ready for it, so that you can move on.
Have a growth mindset- Having a growth mindset means that you can see the mistakes and failures you have made and are able to just move on from it, you are always looking to grow. Meanwhile having a fixed mindset means you won’t be as willing to learn and improve as you and move on from your mistakes. People with fixed mindsets might simply ignore feedback and feel like they know better, but those with growth mindsets will learn from it, make amendments.
Have a diverse approach- Having a diverse approach will be more effected. Try using multiple sites for finding and applying for jobs but you can go further than that by visiting company websites that aren’t hiring, send your CV out. You can contact recruitment agencies that will offer you other adventures to perfect job for you.
At Get Staff recruitment we can find you the perfect role for you and help your job seeking journey become easier. We are an amazing team here and help our candidate in the best way possible, so that you have the best experience with us.