Cover letter Do’s and Don’ts

When writing a cover letter, you want to make sure that its perfect. It provides detail on how your skill set aligns with the role. Cover letters allow recruiters and hiring managers develop a clear understanding of your suitability for a position.
Customize your letter for different jobs- Make sure you update your cover letter to show what the job is looking for. Even if you apply for the same job you will want to make different cover letter for both just to make sure your putting in the right skills you have for the position.
Use key words that match the job posting- Look over the job description and underling phrases and words that the job requires. Make sure you use these keywords when describing your skills and work experience.
Keep your cover letter to one page- Cover letters shouldn’t be longer than a page, hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing all your information so keep it short and sweet.
Don’t repeat information you already have in your CV- A cover letter is extension of your CV, so it shouldn’t include the same information. This is a chance to expand on your skills, work accomplishments and experience that’s related to the job role.
Don’t submit a cover letter without proofreading- Reread your cover letter as many times until you are happy with it. Double check your spelling and grammar so then there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes.
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