To accept a counter offer or not?

One of the hardest decisions when leaving a job is handing in your notice to your existing employer. Many companies use counter offers in order to convince employees to stay, by doing this they don’t lose a valuable member of their team.

Accepting a counter offer, will rarely solve the problem that made you look else wear for a job in the first place. According to surveys, most people (50%- 80%) who chose to accept the counter offer from their employers tend to leave within 18 months.

Employers tend to make unrealistic promises when you hand in your resignation for example:

Pay rise- It took you to leave to get a pay rise? You should really think about why they have given you a pay rise as soon as you decide you want to leave, why weren’t you getting that pay in the first place?

Same problems may occur- Your frustration and unhappiness that led you to search for a new job will remain and it’s highly unlikely the pay rise will make the job more tolerable or easier.

You’ve already accepted an offer – You may have already accepted a new job you were seeking for. By hiring you the new employer has already demonstrated a belief that you are valuable and you haven’t even had your first day yet!

You will always be considered at risk- Your employer will be wondering how long you will be staying this time. You have tried to leave before, how longs it going to take this time?

Changing roles is one of the biggest life decisions that we have to make. It is important to understand the factors that motivated your decision to search for new employment in the first place and how it fits with your career plans. When it comes down to it usually the answer to accepting a counter offer is no.

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