What to do when you dislike your job

Not liking your job can be one of the worst feelings, but you’re not alone, many people dislike their job. You don’t have to stay somewhere you don’t feel underappreciated and unchallenged. Its very important you take and step back and think before you make any decisions about leaving.

Identify why– Start by identifying reason why you dislike you job before you decide to quit, it may be that you’ve overworked and want to cut back hours. It might be that you dislike someone within the workplace and want to move departments. There are many solutions that can help you like your job again so don’t act too fast without thinking it through properly.

Research other career options- Do research on other career paths and options so then you can see what interests you. By researching other career options, helps you as if something catches your eye, you can see the requirements and skills needed for the role, and see if you have any of them before applying.

Have a conversation with your boss- Having a conversation with your boss can help as you can tell them everything about your problems and needs, they can understand and help you change your mind before changing career path. Your boss might not be aware that you are unhappy in the workplace, they may have some ideas to make the working environment abetter place for you.

Stay positive- When you dislike your job you straight away think of all the negatives and forget about the positive side. Write down all the positives to help put your mind at ease and may help you re think your decision. It may be a case as to the positives outweigh the negatives and you just need to give it time to get back to normal again. However, you might see that there might not be many positives and just want a different career path.

Update your CV- If you notice a pattern of not being happy at work it may be a case to start updating your CV and getting the job interviews you ask for. When updating your CV, it may be the case you catch an employer’s eye and get the job you deserve!

Having patience when you don’t like your job is essential as you need to stay focused and try and figure out what you want to do and what is best for you. Here at Get Staff we will help find the perfect role for you, as we want to help you find what’s best! Call us on 02393 601049.