Why should I use an agency?

This is a very common question as you don’t always need an agency to find you a job, but it is very helpful. Everyday a lot of people use the power of technology to help them find their next job. However, recruiters pay to have access to a whole range of information that is not available to the public. People may find a good job unassisted but recruiters are trained, experienced and equipped to match the perfect candidate to the ideal company. We have the power to circulate your CV much more widely than you alone would have the capacity too. It is defiantly not easy work as were not successful in every case, if a recruiter is showing you interest, the chances are that your CV holds something special.

Companies who are looking to hire, frequently advertise though a number of recruitment agencies. A recruiter screens the candidates. As a recruiter we check the suitability, credibility, employability and see how keen the candidate is before sending them over to the employers, leaving the employer with a concentrated group of high-quality potential workers. We see hundreds of CVs every day we know the good from the bad. We also, know our clients and candidates needs so trust us to find your new role for free!

Using a recruitment agency also makes the job search manageable as job searching can get out of control. A recruitment agency has organised systems to help manage job seekers and clients.  We are the ones who send off you CV to the targeted clients, organise interviews and give will give you updates and feedback. We will tell you all the information you need to know about the employer, help focus your efforts.